Synced partially with 1.7.1-b1

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Synced partially with 1.7.1-b1

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Some of the Center version fixes and features were adopted for Freenix version.

#161 fixing Dialog.MapString with empty message
#164 Backward compatibilty with UpDn Controls
#163 Adding 'Decimal' Tabs to Rulers
#165 Check for passing guarded function
#167 endless loop in DevBrowser for cyclic pointer
#168 Improvements in DevLinkChk

issues from Center, which have different realization
- #158 LowLevel debugging
assuming that ConsLog can be used
- #153 Basic in/out console functionality
using basic realization from Alexander Shiryaev
- #160 outdated link to
use another link ...
- #169 ccall bug with stack management after a call
use different code composition because of [ccall16] implementation
- issue-#163 Adding 'Decimal' Tabs to Rulers
use modifier key (Ctrl) instead of right mouse button to prevent import of HostPorts in the Text subsystem

issues from Center, which are not used in Freenix version yet
- #156 Adding coroutines to BlackBox
should be done another way
- #138 Support for files larger than 2Gb
can be distributed as an extension for 1.7.1
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