Announcement: ofront 1.4 final for Raspbian and Linux i386

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Announcement: ofront 1.4 final for Raspbian and Linux i386

Postby Josef Templ » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:46 am

Hi everybody,

I would like to announce the final release of ofront 1.4 for
(1) the Raspberry Pi running under Raspbian and
(2) i386 based Linux.

ofront 1.4 comes with command line tools as well as a
complete Oberon V4 system that also includes many extensions from
Linz Oberon V4 (Dialogs, Elems, EditKeys, etc.).

Oberon V4 is not fully compatible with BlackBox but can be seen as its ancestor.
Conceptually, it has many similarities but the look-and-feel differs considerably.
Since there is no BlackBox for Raspbian, ofront can be used to program
the Pi in a language similar to Component Pascal and in an environment
that is conceptually similar to BlackBox.

Version 1.4 of ofront adds a command named 'ocl' (Compiler.Compile in Oberon V4)
that hides the complexities of the underlying C-compiler and linker
and generates a shared object (.so) file per module.
Compiling, loading and unloading of modules works as usual under Oberon V4.

For the Raspberry Pi there is an interface module WiringPi.Mod for the wiringPi library
and low-level modules RPI.Mod and GPIO.Mod for full access to all hardware registers.

ofront 1.4 can be downloaded from

Best wishes for the year 2017.

- Josef Templ
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