Three levels of file system

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Re: Three levels of file system

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Zinn wrote:In the description on page about Ubuntu/Mint/Debian repository for automatic upgrades version 1.8 the line
echo "deb http://deb... is double one with 18 and one without.
2.0 in "linux" repo without 18
but the package name differ

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sudo apt-get install bbcb2
This is done so, because someone can continue using 1.8, because it is more compatible with 1.6/1.7.2
Zinn wrote: Where can I find the description about 2.0? Are you working in the way to merge BB Windows & BB Linux?
Is the new not MDI version the new standard?
There is no good description yet. Very less time. However new peaces of documentation marked with green, you can see Services is an example.

Some major features:
1. Version with tiled cross-platform interface (MDI windows version also supported)
2. Ports.Raster
3. Third level of files system (middle CUSTOM)
4. Services.InsistentAction which runs even in mouse tracking loop
5. Dialog.GetLocPath
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