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BlackBox 1.7.1 stable release available

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:43 pm
by Josef Templ
Dear BlackBox User!

The BlackBox framework center is pleased to announce the release of the new BlackBox version 1.7.1.
The new version can be downloaded from,en-us.

The most important changes of this versions are:

+ hierarchical menus added similar to and compatible with the corresponding CPC package
+ default font enlarged to 10 points
+ support for localization of compiler error messages
+ alias IMPORTs are resolved consistently throughout all relevant commands, for example Info->Global Variables
+ StdCoder now supports file names with spaces and arbitrary Unicode characters
+ i386 instruction set decoder added to the code file importer
+ domain for Math/SMath.ArcTan2, Sin, Cos, & Tan extended according to IEEE standard
+ new function Math/SMath.Mod1 added: x = Floor(x) + Mod1(x)
+ new function Math/SMath.SinCos added for efficiency
+ new module Console for basic console I/O
+ new module HostConsole as low-level implementation of Console and for Kernel debugging
+ new module Coroutines added for basic coroutine support
+ new module Files64 added for files larger than 2GB
+ new procedures Dates.GetDateTime/GetUTCDateTime added for atomically getting date and time
+ Decimal tabulators added to text rulers; tabulator look changed to MS office style
+ BOOLEAN parameters added to StdInterpreter
+ keyboard/mouse modifiers added to Controllers interface
+ handling of links and targets in StdLinks improved
+ improvements in RTF importer with respect to code page conversion
+ various documentation improvements
+ various bug fixes

A detailed change list can be found at

Since 1.7 contains a known bug that can crash BlackBox, we recommend everybody to switch to 1.7.1,
which is binary compatible to 1.7.

Thanks to all for participating in discussions and issue reporting.

The BlackBox Framework Center

Re: BlackBox 1.7.1 stable release available

PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:30 pm
by Josef Templ
Thanks to Ivan there is now also a signed installer available for installing BlackBox 1.7.1 on Windows.
It should be less susceptible to virus alerts.

A link is available on the download page,en-us
or you can use this link directly:

- Josef