Module CommTCP, parameter localAdr

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Module CommTCP, parameter localAdr

Postby manumart1 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:32 am

I've been looking at exemplary modules CommObxStreamsServer and CommObxStreamsClient, executing them via theirs docu files:
(Q) CommObxStreamsServer.Start
(Q) CommObxStreamsClient.SendTextSelection

But they didn't work. I've only been able to make them work, by changing the constant localAdr, adding to it the value "localhost" or "".

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MODULE CommObxStreamsServer
CONST localAdr = "localhost:900";    <-- I added "localhost:" at the beginning
MODULE CommObxStreamsClient
CONST localAdr = "localhost";    <-- I put "localhost" instead of ""

I am running BlackBox under Windows 7.
Perhaps it worked in the past without putting "localhost", and a change in a Windows API caused the current malfuntion.

I think the documentation of module CommTCP should be changed, stating that parameter localAdr cannot be simply a port number or ""; because "localhost", "loopback" or "" must be explicitly provided. Also must be changed the modules CommObxStreamsServer and CommObxStreamsClient as above.

Another alternative is to change the text of module CommTCP, so that it puts "localhost" at the beginning of parameter localAdr if it is not already there.

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Re: Module CommTCP, parameter localAdr

Postby Ivan Denisov » Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:12 pm

Thanks, Manuel. This should be fixed.
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