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Format of Sym files

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:49 pm
by Robert
I wish to process the contents of some Sym files.

I used to use the following code to get access to the files:
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PROCEDURE  CheckFile (loc: Files.Locator; fInfo: Files.FileInfo);
    st:  Stores.Store;
    conv:  Converters.Converter;
    text:  TextModels.Model;
    conv  :=  Converters.list;
    WHILE  conv.imp  #  'DevBrowser.ImportSymFile'  DO  conv  :=  END;
    Converters.Import (loc,, conv, st);
    text  :=  st(Documents.Document).ThisView ().ThisModel ()(TextModels.Model);
but this no longer works. I need to replace the last line by
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    text  :=  st(Views.View).ThisModel ()(TextModels.Model)

Has something changed, or has my memory failed entirely?

Re: Format of Sym files

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:42 am
by luowy
Robert wrote:Has something changed, or has my memory failed entirely?
the Converter which used is not "DevBrowser.ImportSymFile",
open the type guard Trap window to Check what the storeType is(or what the Converter is)
and check your Config file to find out what happened.

P.S. This code in the Config file is incorrect
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    Converters.Register("DevBrowser.ImportSymFile", "", "TextViews.View", "osf", {});
    Converters.Register("DevBrowser.ImportCodeFile", "", "TextViews.View", "ocf", {});
Check the source code of "DevBrowser.ImportSymFile",
the storeType is "Documents.Document" instead of "TextViews.View";
Refer to the Init.Init Register code for "odc",the storeType should be "" instead of "TextViews.View",