Error message under Wine when installing Pac Converters

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Re: Error message under Wine when installing Pac Converters

Postby HansKlaver » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:51 pm

Josef Templ wrote:Is the garbage collector called while compiling this file?
Set a breakpoint to Kernel.CallFinalizers after starting the compile command.
If it is hit while compiling the file, it would be interesting if the code file object is finalized,
which of course would be an error.

Yes, the garbage collector is called while compiling PacAPI: a breakpoint to Kernel.CallFinalizers was hit, and stepping into the code lead me to the point where HostFiles.File.FINALIZE is called. Then I set a breakpoint in the IF statement of FINALIZE before CloseFile(f, res). This breakpoint was never hit after clicking on Continue, after which the code file appeared in the macOS Finder.

So I guess the code file HostFiles.File^ (f^) is not finalized during the compilation.

Alternatively, you could also set a breakpoint at HostFiles.FINALIZE, which is the finalization
procedure called when a file object is deallocated from the heap.

Note: if you add debugging code to HostFiles, you must relink the exe file.
You could use module Console for low-level output.

Adding debugging code to HostFiles is way beyond my understanding of this code, so I will refrain from doing that.
I hope that setting a breakpoint in the debugger does not equate to adding debugging code, because I wouldn't know how to relink the exe file.

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Re: Error message under Wine when installing Pac Converters

Postby Josef Templ » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:58 am

Setting a breakpoint does not change the code in any way and can be applied to
dynamically loaded modules as well as statically linked modules.
Relinking the exe would only be required of you add debug code in the sense of
log output (typically with module Console) to Kernel or HostFiles.

If finalization is not involved, which is good news in some sense, the problem seems to be in the
platform code (wine). Is it possible to get a login to this platform
so that I can debug it remotely from an X-windows terminal.

- Josef
Josef Templ
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Re: Error message under Wine when installing Pac Converters

Postby Zinn » Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:17 pm

Dear Hans,
when you leave Blackbox after compilation of subsystem Pac and restart BlackBox does the error still exist?
- Helmut
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