Format of Sym files

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Format of Sym files

Postby Robert » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:49 pm

I wish to process the contents of some Sym files.

I used to use the following code to get access to the files:
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PROCEDURE  CheckFile (loc: Files.Locator; fInfo: Files.FileInfo);
    st:  Stores.Store;
    conv:  Converters.Converter;
    text:  TextModels.Model;
    conv  :=  Converters.list;
    WHILE  conv.imp  #  'DevBrowser.ImportSymFile'  DO  conv  :=  END;
    Converters.Import (loc,, conv, st);
    text  :=  st(Documents.Document).ThisView ().ThisModel ()(TextModels.Model);
but this no longer works. I need to replace the last line by
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    text  :=  st(Views.View).ThisModel ()(TextModels.Model)

Has something changed, or has my memory failed entirely?
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